We are looking for members of the "Niseko Town SDGs Model Business Promotion Council" committee.

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Niseko Town is currently planning to build a new residential area with a new concept near the city center, and has begun planning.
In this plan, we will introduce new concepts such as "Reduce energy consumption as a whole district and return it to the area with its reduced energy cost" or "Design the way of living where community activities are activated more from the beginning" We are planning. We are calling this project "NISEKO Living / Model District Building Project" as a way to create a new living space for sustainable town development, as well as a model area to serve as a sample for the future.
This conference will be set up for consultation etc. concerning the model district making based on this new concept.
We are looking for candidates for townspeople who can participate as members of the council, about 2 people. We are waiting for your application.
◇ Activities Local Government SDGs Model Project "NISEKO Living / Model Area Building Project" deliberation
◇ Activity times Held at Wednesday, February 27, After that, several times a year
◇ Entry Requirements Those who are 15 years of age or older who meet the requirements of 1 or 2 below
1, the principal or family lives in the town 2, the place of work or the school destination is located in the town
(Excluding town office staff and parliamentarians)
◇ Number of applicants up to 2
◇ Period of recruitment Thursday, February 13, 2019 to Friday, February 22,
◇ Application method Please complete application form on separate sheet (below link) and apply by window, fax or e-mail
◇ Others We will select on the contents of the application form, interview with the person in charge etc.
Application / Inquiries
Niseko Town Planning and Environment Division, Self-Government Creation Section (Kawano, Yamamoto)
 電話/0136-44-2121  ファックス/0136-44-3500
Mail /jichi●town.niseko.lg.jp (Please convert ● to @ and send)

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