Information for residents' briefing session "Towards a sustainable Niseko Town"

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Niseko Town has been working on the formulation of the "Second Eco-Model City Action Plan", which aims to realize a sustainable town. In that work, we held a townspeople workshop, a questionnaire, and a townspeople briefing session, and arranged the development policy based on the opinions we received.
At this briefing session, Mr. Atsushi Murakami, a representative of Club Vauban, a general corporate citizen, will be invited as a lecturer and will explain about "what kind of initiatives will be pursuing sustainable town development based on the formulation policy" and want to think about efforts I think.
We look forward to your participation everyone. Please do not hesitate to come.

Holding grounds:Niseko Town Town Development Basic Regulations Article 36 (Participation in planning process, etc.)
Date and time: November 13 (Tue) 18: 00-20: 00
Location:Niseko Town residents Center Training Room 1
Inquiries:Niseko Town Office Planning and Environment Division Eco-Model City Promotion Section TEL: 0136-44-2121

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