Niseko Town Eco-Model City Proposal Selection Committee Recruitment

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We raise "Niseko Town Eco-Model City proposal selection committee" committee.
Niseko Town is an Eco-Model City. In the first plan (H26-30), "Introduction of facilities such as renewable energy to public facilities" "Promotion of renewable energy in tourism field" "Energy conversion" "Grassroots at home" We have been working toward the realization of a low-carbon society. This year, Eco-Model City to develop the efforts of, not only the environment, environment, economy, the second-order incorporating the terms of SDGs to be addressed in an integrated manner to the three aspects of society Niseko Town Eco-Model City to formulate an action plan You.
The Selection Committee will discuss the selection of a company that conducts research and research on the formulation of the second Eco-Model City action plan.
We will openly invite one of the townspeople who can participate in this committee.

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