A study of the sound of medieval European hammer dulcimer


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Cast ... Ken Komatsuzaki (Hammer Dulcimer Player)

I live in Sapporo. In 1986, I was impressed by American folk singer David Holt 's hammer dulcimer and I aimed for a self - taught dulcimer. In 1988 he formed the Celtic Ensemble Group HARD TO FIND. In 1989, participated in the band "SACRA" composed of three people who debuted from Sony Records. Since then, he has performed with artists of various genres. We also focus on solo activities. In the mid-2014 morning continuous television novel "Hanako and Ann" play music during the play (Yuki Kajiura composition), he takes charge of Darushima and gathers attention.

Performance music
Danny Boy
Sully Garden
Chigusa in the garden

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Saturday, December 8, 2018 12: 30 opening 13: 00 opening


Arisima Memorial Hall Art Hall


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