Shiribeshi Museum Road Concert 2020 Recruitment of Performers

From Niseko to Kutchan, Kyowa, and Iwanai, 5 museums and literature museums nestled in the rich and beautiful nature of the Shiribeshi region. The road that connects these isSillirishi Museum RoadIs called. These 5 museums gather and jointly plan an exhibition based on one theme each year.Shiribishi Museum Road Joint ExhibitionWe hold an art exhibition at each museum.
This summer, the theme is "color"Gokan Gokoku!colorColorfulAs we co-sponsor the exhibition, we are planning a fourth-class music event, which will be a classical concert that goes around 5 buildings. This concert isJoint exhibitionAt the same time, enjoy the fresh music created by the performers associated with Hokkaido to the locals and to those who are visiting Shiribeshi in Japan and abroad in a space full of art scents such as museums and literature museums. I would like to have it. Also, for the performers, there is an art museum and literature museum nestling in the majestic nature.stageWe hope that by playing the performance, you will be able to step up your art creation activities in the future.
Therefore, we are recruiting performers (groups) for this year as follows. We are looking forward to receiving many applications.
Linbei Museum Road Concert Executive Committee

For details, please refer to the application guidelines below.

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