[May 16] The 178th town development townsman course round-table conference


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Arishima Family, Niseko Town, and Arishima Memorial Hall Activities

The Arishima Memorial Hall will widely disseminate the works of the Arishima family and Takeo Arishima in Niseko Town, support the activities of young artists who embody the spirit of art promotion of Takeo Arishima, and convey the history of the town to the future as the only museum facility in the town We also work on collecting local materials and listening and writing history. This time, I will explain the relationship between the Arishima family and Honmachi, as well as the various businesses of the Arishima Memorial Hall.

Date and time

2019 (Thursday, May 16, 2019) 6:30 pm


Niseko Town people Center second floor general training room


・ Relation between Arishima House and Honcho (Origin ・ History)
・ About various Arishima memorial business (display, collection preservation, education spread)

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