Seal registration

Seal registration (hanko)

In Japan a personal seal is a requirement to open a bank account and to buy and sell motor vehicles and real estate. In addition, a seal registration certificate is necessary for important procedures and transactions involving large amounts of money. Order or purchase a personal seal at a hanko specialist and register it at the Town Council. After registration, a certificate will be issued to you when required, upon presentation of the seal registration card (Inkan Tourokusho). Without the seal registration card, a certificate will not be issued. Keep the card in a safe place.


The personal seal registered at the Town Council is known as jitsuin, and other seals are referred to as mitomein. Please note that a self-inking seal is not acceptable as jitsuin. Jitsuin is often used with a seal registration certificate for such cases as the purchase of a car, commodity trading and the sale of real estate. Mitomein is used for such cases as opening a bank account and receiving a package by express delivery. To be registered, personal seals must meet the requirements below.
The imprit is larger than 8mm square and smaller than 25mm square.
 The imprit is larger than 8mm square and smaller than 25mm square.
 The seal is made from a hard material like ivory so as to avoid deformation and breakage (a rubber stamp is not acceptable).
The seal contains old the applicant's name (details other than the applicant's name are not acceptable)
The family name or first name is carved using the alphabet or kana (only official names can be used, phonetic equivalents and nicknames are not acceptable).

Registering a seal

RegistrantItems required before registration
When the owner of the seal comes to the counter for registrationWith identificationSeal, an identification document (photo ID issued by a public office, driver's license, passport or residence card)
Without identificationSeal, guarantee by a person who has registered her/his seal in the town, guarantor and guarantor's seal
When a proxy registers *This process takes a long time as identification is confirmed by mail. The registrant must come to the counter twice, for application and registration.Seal and power of attorney
If you lose your seal registration certificate, please report immediately to protect against its possible misuse.
The registration certificate must be returned to the Town Council in the event of a move, cancellation of registration, change of name or death.


Seal and identification registration, birth/death registration-related inquiries

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