Infant care/education and support for child rearing

In the town, there is a center for infants and small children referred to as Kiratto, which functions as a nursery school, a kindergarten and a facility for supporting child rearing. The center looks after children aged 6 months to 5 years old. Infant and child care services are divided into an extended-time type for parents who cannot look after children for long hours due to work, etc. and a short-time type for other parents.

In the adjoining Ohisama community support center for child rearing, consultation services are offered for parents who have worries about child rearing. Rest assured that these health professionals work in close contact with professional bodies, and the privacy of users is protected. A temporary childcare service is provided for children aged 15 months or older when parents cannot take care of them due to circumstances beyond their control, and a childcare service on holidays is also provided for children aged 2 years or older.


Ohisama community support center for child rearing Tel. 0136-44-2739

Kiratto infant center Tel. 0136-44-2700
Hours: mon.-Fri. (excluding national holidays) 9:00-16:00
In addition to the provision of useful information for child rearing, the town also offers 1) free child seats (usage of a child seat is necessary by law) and 2) also provides support to the Book Start Project, in which picture books are provided for 6-month-old babies and their parents.