Organization chart

Niseko Branch Niseko Fire Department

Niseko officeDivision of duties
Niseko officeNiseko chief director, head of Niseko deputy branch office
General managerIn charge of affairs such as general affairs
Prevention staffIn charge of administrative work such as fire prevention inspection, fire cause investigation, firefighting equipment etc. of objects
Public relations officerIn charge of office work for fire prevention and public relations hearing
Fire departmentWe are in charge of security, fire department, irrigation, radio equipment, administration office work
Machine clerkIn charge of administrative work such as maintenance and operation of fire engines, machinery and equipment
A rescuerResponsible for clerical work such as emergency services, emergency training courses, emergency drills
Fire brigade teamIn charge of office work of the fire department
  • Employee constants 17 people Currently 17 people
  • Internal emergency life-saving person 4

Niseko Fire Department Organization

HeadDeputy head coach2 head of department headquartersHead of group headquarters4 members
First LeaderFirst Party Deputy HeadDirector of the first divisionGroup leaderMembers 13
Second head generalPart II Deputy DelegatePart II General ManagerPart 2 team leader12 people
The third minister's headPart III Deputy DirectorPart 3 of the first division of Part 3Part 3 of the first division of Part 311 members
Part 3 of the second division of Part 3Part 3 team second group leaderTen members
  • Capacity 70 people
  • 66 people as of April 1,

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