Direction of doctor helicopter

In Niseko emergency, 470 cases were dispatched in the year of Heisei 20. Among them, severely ill patients due to brain diseases, heart diseases, traffic accidents, etc. must be delivered to specialized medical institutions that can do more advanced treatment as soon as possible. Within Hokkaido doctor helicopters are deployed in each of Doha (Sapporo City), Northeast (Asahikawa City), Dongdong (Kushiro City), Donan (Hakodate City) respectively. The doctor helicopter in the Dojo district that has jurisdiction over our town is a base hospital with Taninagi Inten Hospital. A doctor (flight doctor), a nurse (flight nurse) pilot, and a mechanic are on board a doctor on a doctor helicopter. Dr. helicopters are loaded with various medical equipment materials, and advanced treatment can be received on site. Depending on the weather conditions, we arrive in Sapporo city in about 20 minutes each way so we can get advanced medical treatment early.

Doctor helicopter travel time

  • A helicopter can operate from 8:30 AM to 5 PM or 30 minutes before sunset.
  • The weather condition is observed from time to time by the weather observation radar at the doctor 's helicopter standby location, and it is flying by grasping the weather.

Niseko Town main doctor helicopter extraordinary take-off and landing places in the

Niseko Town is in everyone of the residents in the vicinity are determined in a helicopter extraordinary take-off and landing location of several places in the We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation
  1. ニセコへリポート
  2. Niseko Track and Field
  3. Niseko Branch front parking lot
  4. Niseko Compost Center
  5. Former Miyata Elementary School Grand
  6. Niseko Annupuri ski resort second parking lot
  7. Kondo Elementary School Grand
  8. Niseko Ohashi parking park
  9. Niseko Town General Waste Disposal Plant
  10. Niseko Golf Course Parking Lot (Fukui)
  • Depending on the circumstances, the helicopter may land at a place where it can take off and landing at locations other than the above temporary takeoff and landing place.
  • In addition, in Niseko Town located in the mountains, it depends on the weather, especially in winter it is often impossible to fly due to snowfall, so it is possible to fly to neighboring towns and villages other than Niseko Town, in which case helicopters can take off and take off with an ambulance Ride to a different location and take the victim to a helicopter.
  • A strong wind is generated when the helicopter takes off and landing. Therefore, people can not take off and land if there is a person near the landing zone. Please follow the guidance of firefighters.
  • As soon as the helicopter lands, doctors and nurses perform life-saving medical care so that they do not interfere, please do not approach.
  • When helicopter takes off and landing, wind pressure and noise are generated. Please save the things that are easily blown away in the room and close the window.

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