Michael Burns (USA)


International exchange member Michael Burns

Niseko Town Commerce and Tourism Division

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Languages:​ ​
English (USA) · Japanese

Kansas, USA

Personal History

Department of History, Japanese Language and Literature, University of Kansas
Nanzan University Japanese Language History
Kyoto American University Consortium Summer Seminar
Hokkaido International Exchange Center Japanese language and Japanese culture summer seminar

Work Experience:
Japanese tutor 2 years Kansas University, Department of East Asian Studies, USA
Director of the Student Council of Japan 1 year, University of Kansas, Department of East Asia
Assistant Professor 1st Year, Department of History, University of Kansas, USA


Past Events


Nice to meet you! My name is Michael Burns and I am from Kansas, USA. I wanted to work in Japan when I was a freshman at university. The beginner's Japanese language course I had at that time was very interesting, so I started to specialize in Japanese. Over the next four years, I studied Japanese culture, history, literature, etc. and became more fond of Japan. I am particularly interested in the history and literature of the Edo period. I want to become a graduate student someday and continue to study, but for that purpose I would like to interact with people who have each way of thinking in a city with an international sense like Niseko and challenge it. I am very happy to contribute to Niseko's tourism, international exchange and event planning. Thank you in advance!

Where I'm From:

I was born in Chicago, but I've lived in Kansas City since I was a child, so when I ask where I'm from, I usually answer Kansas. Kansas City, on the border between Kansas and Missouri, is in the Midwest of America, just like Chicago. The midwestern part of the United States has a strong image of the broad plains and agriculture, but Kansas is perfect for that image. Most of Kansas is in the central plain, and since it is a flat area, there are many farmers specializing in wheat and cattle. That is why Kansas City is known for its barbecue. In my opinion, Kansas City's barbecue is the best in the world. The biggest barbecue competition in the United States is held every year in Kansas, and the competition for barbecue restaurants is fierce, so to be honest, it's like an environment where only very good restaurants can survive.

Other than barbecue, Kansas is known as the stage of the wizard of Oz. Like the wizard of Oz, Kansas has a lot of tornadoes. Most residents of Kansas live in underground buildings. Underground equipment is important so that everyone can escape into the ground when a tornado comes. However, tornadoes don't often come to Kansas, so it ’s not so dangerous!

People in the Midwest have the image of being kind and living slowly, but that depends on the location. If you're in a big city like Chicago, there are many people who go around here, but if you're in the west of Kansas, you might think that it's slow. I think my Kansas City is in the middle. It's not a tourist spot, but if you are interested, please visit Kansas.


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