Emanuel Neubauer (Germany)

CIR Exchange Emmanuel Neubauer

Niseko Resort Tourist Association (JR Bisuko Station)

Translation/Interpretation (FR/EN/JA), Language Support, Tourism Information, Event Planning, School Visits/
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Languages:​ ​
German · English · Japanese

Germany Berlin City

Personal History

Graduated from Free University of Berlin Japan Studies major

Work Experience:
Volunteer activities in nursing home in Hyogo prefecture in Japan

Past Events

  • Eikaiwa Talk!
  • German Christmas (December Heisei 28)
  • Easter egg (April, Heisei 29)
  • Picture book world - workshop group (February, Heisei 29)
  • Picture book world - workshop group (February, Heisei 30)
  • World cafe - German cuisine - (June - September Heisei 30)
  • World Festival ~ Dean of Germany ~ (July Heisei 30)


Guten Tag. Hello.
I am Emanuel Neubauer. I majored in Japanese studies at the Free University of Berlin.
I am from Berlin, the capital of Germany, but since I was volunteering for a year at a nursing home in the countryside of Hyogo prefecture in 2009, I am accustomed to life similar to Niseko.
The moment I first saw Niseko's wilderness, I was deeply moved by the beauty of the landscape. I think that it is a very wonderful place.
German and Japanese culture has many things in common, but there are many different cultures as well, so I would like to introduce such different cultures as a international exchange worker and exchange with various people.
Thank you.

Where I'm From:

Welcome to Germany of beer and sausage country! But, is that all?
Well, I will introduce about Germany for a moment. I will go!
The population of Germany is 82 million, the capital is Berlin. Furthermore, since Germany is in the middle of Europe, it can easily go to various European countries.
In the image, Germany is the country that likes the best beer in the world, but, in fact, the German drinks' favorite is coffee.
Germans like sausages, but people gradually stop cooking by themselves and eat frozen food and others.
Germany consists of 16 federal states called "Bundesländer".
The national emblem of Germany is a black eagle with a red beak which is shield of gold.
Germany has the Federal President as head of state, but the German government is the prime minister the most important person.
The national flag is black · red · gold (or yellow).


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