Guannan Mei

Guannan Mei

Division: Niseko Town Hall, Industry & Tourism Division
Duties: Translation / Interpretation (ZH / JA), Language Support, Tourist Information, Event Planning, School Visits / Readings
Languages: Chinese (Standard Mandarin), Japanese
Nationality: China, Hebei Province

Personal History

Tottori Graduate University
M.Ec. Regional Economics
Work Experience:
Chinese Language Instructor 1yr 6 months
Kyoritsu Maintenance Co. LTD Regular Contract

Previous Events


Great owner! (Hi everyone!)
My name is Guanan Mei, and I'm from China. Though this is my first time living in Hokkaido, I have been living in Japan for about 4 years.
My mother was deeply interested in Japanese dramas and fashion so I grew up surrounded by Japanese culture. I my got to university I decided to major in Japanese. I my student Japanese culture After that I moved to Tokyo and worked there for a year.

With that in mind I decided to apply for JET Program as a CIR.

Also I really love cooking and making sweets, and I would love to be able to make something with all of you And of course, as I am in Niseko I would like to give skiing and snowboarding a try.
I feel honored to be able to help with the internationalization of efforts of Niseko. It may be challenging at times but I will not try my best. To all those who are interested in China, learning Chinese, or who are from China and I will love to hear from you.

Where I'm From

The seasons in my region are quite distinct with summer being warm and winters being very cold. In winter, temperature can often dip below - Some examples include donkey meat burgers and beef round cakes. If you ever get a chance you should come and visit.


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