Derek Moore

Derek Moore

Division: Niseko Town Hall, Industry & Tourism Division
Duties: Translation/Interpretation (FR/EN/JA), Language Support, Tourism Information, Event Planning, School Visits/Readings, CIR Management
Languages: Irish, English, French, Japanese
Nationality: Ireland, County Kildare

Personal History

Dublin City University (DCU)
B.A. in Applied Languages & Translation Studies (French & Japanese)

Work Experince:
Freelance Translator (FR/JA/EN)     2yrs
DCU Japanese Society Secretary     2yrs
Language Instructor (FR/JA/EN)      4yrs

Past Events

Eikaiwa Talk!
Irish Céilí (Nov. 2016)
Picture Book World, Picture Book Lead (Feb. 2017)
English Classes (Jan ~ Mar 2017)
St. Patrick’s Day Party (Mar. 2017)
Travel French Class (Apr ~ Jun. 2017)
Irish Culture Lecture Series (Apr. ~ Jun. 2017)
Halloween Party (Oct. 2017)
Christmas Potluck Party (Dec. 2017)
Picture Book World, Management Team (Feb. 2018)
Irish Café (Mar. 2018)


Dia dhaoibh (deea eeav)! (Hello, everyone!)
My name is Derek Moore I am from County Kildare, Ireland.
I have a strong interest in languages, mostly due to me being natural bilingual in Irish and English. At the moment I can speak 4 langauges, Irish, English, French, and Japanese. My love of languges truly started when I entered secondary school aged 12 and began learning French. When I was 14 I began learning Japanese after doing a project on Japanese culture and being fascinated by both. I wanted to be able to use my language skills more and help others so I decided to study translation and interpretation at university.
To me, international relations and understanding are very important things. In university I was heavily involved in the Japanese Society and its activities helping Japanese exchange students adjust to life in Ireland as well as Japanese culture events. The largest of these events was the annual “Experience Japan” festival. I helped plan it every year and was the lead of the Soran Bushi dance team and the Craft Corner. I look forward to being able to have fun cultural exchange events like that here in Niskeo.
Go raibh maith agaibh (Go rev mah agiiv) (Thank you)

Where I’m From

 I am from County Kildare, which is in the East of Ireland. Ireland is a small island in Western Europe, split into 32 counties, similar to the states in the US. 26 of the counties make up the Republic of Ireland (where I am from) and the remaining 6 make up Northern Ireland, which is a part of the UK.
The colours of the Irish flag are green, white, and orange. Though it might look similar to Italy’s flag, don’t mix them up.
The national emblem is a golden harp on a blue shield. The harp being an extremly important symbol to the Celtic people and Irish history alike.
Ireland is an English speaking country, but it has another language, Irish. The word for “Ireland” in Irish is “Éire (aira)”.
Generally speaking, Ireland is famous for alcohol. However, it has a wonderfully rich history as well. Walking around you can see many old buildings which give a good feeling of the history that each area has seen. One of the oldest monuments in Ireland is the Newgrange Burial Mound (Sí an Bhrú (She on vru) built over 5,000 years ago. Ireland has many other cultural (both Celtic and Viking) as well as natural wonders
As stated earlier, Ireland has its own language “Irish”, much older than English. Though both use the same alphabet, they are very different languages.
My hometown is located in County Kildare in the East of Ireland. The area is famous for horses with even some of the Queen of England’s horses being trained in the area. Oak trees are also symbolic of the area as in Irish, the area is called “Cill Dara (Kill  Dara)” which means “Church of the Oak”.
Also of interest is a Japanese garden near to my village.