2020 make the degree of nuclear disaster drills


In the town, we will hold a "nuclear disaster prevention drill" sponsored by Hokkaido and related towns and villages.
This year's training will focus on the evacuation exit inspection procedure before heading to the evacuation facility when evacuation is required outside the town due to a nuclear disaster. * Due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection, a wide area evacuation drill to Sapporo City will not be conducted due to the partial reduction of the training content.
In addition, as public relations training in the event of a disaster, we will broadcast interrupts from the government office to the disaster prevention radio and publicize the residents using a publicity vehicle by the Niseko branch of the fire department. This is training, so please be careful not to make any mistakes.
The training date and time, contents are as follows.
■ Training date / time / Saturday, October 31st, 8: 45-16: 00
■ Main training content / Interruption broadcasting of disaster prevention radio
Communication liaison training
Public relations training by public relations vehicles
Evacuation center construction (facility compatible with the new coronavirus)
Inspection at the time of evacuation exit (go to Kutchan Town Shiribeshi General Promotion Bureau by bus) etc.
* Training may be canceled in case of emergency such as when a disaster may occur.

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