Niseko Town Tourism Promotion Plan

Niseko Town has long been known as a hot spring sightseeing spot in Hokkaido, and during the period of high economic growth, it will be spotlighted as a ski resort together with Niseko Grand Hirafu in Kutchan-cho, such as the opening of the Moiwa Ski Resort and Annupuri International Ski Resort became. After that, despite the influence of the bubble economy on the way, plenty of pensions and construction of ski resorts, hotels, golf courses, etc. advanced in the late 1975. In addition, since around 1996, we have been working on businesses that take advantage of local characteristics, such as outdoor activities and experience-based businesses, and demand for tourism in the summer has increased significantly.
In recent years, the quality of snow quality in the Niseko area became known to foreigners mainly Australian skiers, and the number of foreign tourists in winter for skiing has increased. In addition, the number of tourists from the Asian region has increased in the summer, and the Niseko area became attracting attention as an international tourist destination, and development and investment are becoming active.
On the other hand, the total number of tourists entering the country has remained flat. Until now, Niseko Town and surrounding areas have been working on various measures to promote tourism, but they have not been able to make full use of the abundant tourism resources in the area, and there has been no common understanding among businesses, It has many issues such as not meeting the needs of domestic and foreign tourists.
So in the city, we will formulate this plan with the aim of revitalizing the entire region, not only realizing tourism promotion, while considering such various events as tailwinds and tasks.

Revision work

We plan to revise the contents according to the change of the times, and recommended this plan as follows.


July 17, Heisei 2425th Niseko Town Tourism Strategy Conference
September 11, 2012The 26th Niseko Town Tourism Strategy Conference
Niseko Town Tourism Strategy Council establishes plan revision working group
September 20, Heisei 20The 1st Plan Revision Working Group
October 1, 2012The 2nd Plan Revision Working Group
October 10, 2012The 3rd Plan Revision Working Group
October 17, 2012The 4th Plan Revision Working Group
October 25, 2012The 5th Plan Revision Working Group
November 12, 2012The 6th Plan Revision Working Group
November 27, 2012The 7th Plan Revision Working Group
December 5, 2012Exchange views with Niseko Resort Tourist Association
December 11, 201229th Niseko Town Tourism Strategy Conference
January 16, Heisei 2030th Niseko Town Tourism Strategy Conference
February 21, Heisei 20Public invitation and opinion public offering concerning the draft revision (until March 6)
March 11, 2013Explanation to a member of the town council pertaining to the revision plan
March 13, 2013A townspecial opinion exchange meeting on the revision plan
March 19, Heisei 201st Niseko Town Tourism Council

Revision summary

1. Changing the target figure
"- Whenever you visit you will be healthy and healthy with both your body and mind - a cozy town Niseko"
2. Addition of numerical target
· Comprehensive satisfaction level of tourists The ratio of responding "very satisfied" to 27% in summer, 35% in winter
· The average consumption of tourists is 48,000 yen in the summer and 65,000 yen in the winter
3. Addition of basic strategy of tourism promotion measures
Add 3 items
· 7 Promotion of sports tourism - creation of excitement and exchange by sports -
· Increase in 8 seniors, approaches to decrease in total population ~ Response towards a declining birthrate and aged society
· 9 Distribution of power to stay in Niseko ~ From long-term stay to immigration ~

(At the time of initial establishment) Outline of the plan

Basic philosophy of Tourism Promotion Measures

Niseko Town, we will work on tourism promotion measures to cultivate local power. Specific measures will be developed based on the following basic concept.
  • Increase the satisfaction of tourists
  • Enrich the lives of townspeople
  • Secure a sustainable regional economy
  • Maintaining nature (environment)

Duration of plan

The period of this program is expected to be 10 years from FY 2009 to FY 2007.

Target figure

- When you visit, you can be healthy and healthy with both physical and mind -
Yu Yu resort Niseko which everyone can sympathize and fulfill

Niseko Town, by establishing `` beautiful nature, scenery and play throughout the four seasons, '' `` delicious food that can be trusted, '' and `` people welcoming warmly, '' the excitement of the visitors and the sense of fulfillment of the slow life Aim to be a resort that offers a healing space where you can get
In addition, townspeople will participate in various activities while realizing that tourism promotion is integral with the revitalization of the region. By establishing people's attractiveness in the area, we aim to improve the value as a resort area, to promote sustainable development of the area while enhancing the charm of living here, to enjoy both visitors and townspeople, I will aim for a region that will become healthy.

Basic Strategy of Tourism Promotion Measures

Many tourists visiting Niseko are not conscious of district differences in the town and the administrative circle with neighboring towns. In consideration of such circumstances, this plan does not divide the town within each district and does not think about it, it has a wide area viewpoint including not only the town but also the surrounding area, so as to maximize the attractiveness of the area I will consider it. Also, in order to raise the comprehensive appeal of the area, not only tourism operators but also people related to other industries (agriculture, commerce, etc.) and townspeople work together to promote tourism, and "cooperation (community connection)" We will develop six basic strategies with the focus on.
  1. Harmony with the environment - Keeping the nature and landscape of the four seasons, in a harmonious resort -
  2. Human resources development / exchange - People cheer the region, people appeal to sightseeing ~
  3. Utilization of regional resources ~ Increasing regional value and revitalizing regional economy ~
  4. Strengthen promotion activities - Strengthen information management system and strategically utilize -
  5. Promotion of wide area tourism - Strengthening attractiveness through wide area cooperation -
  6. Improvement of acceptance environment - Creating an environment where everyone can visit and stay easily -

Result of opinion recruitment

We asked for opinions on the plan, and there was no particular opinion.
There is no amendment to the plan.

Opinion recruitment (public inspection) period: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 to Wednesday, March 4, 2009 (Wednesday)

Recruitment of opinion (ended)

The town plans to formulate the Niseko Town Tourism Promotion Plan in March. Therefore we announce plan and request opinion from everybody. We will publish your opinion on our homepage, etc., examine its contents, and inform you of the results.
Please give us your opinion.

Opinion recruitment (public inspection) period: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 to Wednesday, March 4, 2009 (Wednesday)

How to give us your opinion

· Please let us know in charge
Niseko Town Hall Commerce and Tourism Division
Zip code: 048 - 1595
Hokkaido, Abuta-gun, Niseko-Cho, Fujimi 47​ ​

・ Niseko Town Hall
From Wednesday, February 18, 2009 to Wednesday, March 4, 2009, the Niseko Town Hall Business and Commerce and Tourism Division has been reviewing the plans.

Status of the formulation committee

9th January 27, 2009, 2:00 pm (Niseko Town Hall Representative Waiting Room)
8th October 29, 2008, 7:00 pm (Niseko Town Hall 2nd Meeting Room)
7th July 30, 2008, 7:00 pm (Niseko Town Hall 2nd Meeting Room)
6th July 14, 2008 7:00 pm (Niseko Town Hall 2nd Meeting Room)
5th May 29, 2008 7:00 pm (Niseko Town Hall 2nd Meeting Room)
4th January 31, 2008, 7:00 pm (Niseko Town Hall 2nd Meeting Room)
3rd November 27, 2007, 7pm (Niseko Town Hall 2nd Meeting Room)
2nd September 21, 2007, 7pm (Niseko Town Hall 2nd Meeting Room)
1st August 28, 2007 7:00 pm (Niseko Town Hall 2nd Meeting Room)

Implementation of business establishment hearing

We conduct hearings for business establishments actually engaged in tourism. In the town, we will formulate a plan based on various opinions.

Hearing status

1月31日Niseko Annupuri Ski Area
2月1日Hotel Niseko Ikoio Village
Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri
Niseko Grand Hotel
Hotel Niseko Amakusa no Mori
Hotel Ashiri Niseko
Niseko Annupuri Onsen Yuden Tei
2月21日Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort
Niseko Moiwa Towers
Niseko Toyama Prince Hotel

Niseko Town Tourism Promotion Plan Formulation Working

In the town we listen to opinions from many people and think about planning together while thinking together. Working is prepared as a place for anyone to say opinions. In order to make it a highly effective plan, I would like you to have a lot of ideas and ideas that you have.

Part 2

Contents of working
I will think about "Niseko's future image". We will also consider methods for realizing future images.
Anyone can join
Any tourist or townspeople in town can participate. Since reservation is unnecessary, please come to the venue directly. We prepare the materials of contents discussed so far at the venue, so do not worry if you participate from this time. Please give us much feedback.
Date and time of the walking:
December 6th (Thursday) from 1 pm (venue: Niseko Toyama Prince Hotel)
December 13 (Thursday) from 1 pm (venue: Niseko Ikonomura)


Contents of working
Let me know the current situation of Niseko and discuss with you what kind of sightseeing area Niseko aims for.
Any tourist or townspeople in town can participate. Since reservation is unnecessary, please come to the venue directly.
Holding of working
We will divide target of discussion in area
Annupuri district from 7 pm on Tuesday, November 6
From Wednesday, November 7 (Wednesday) at 7 pm all over the town
November 8 (Thur) from 7 pm Moiwa · Kelp region
Higashiyama area from Thursday, November 15 (Thursday) at 7 pm
The venue is the general training room of the townspeople center

Schedule for planning

Year / monthContents
July 2007Soyokaze communication (off-kuk), announcement of the plan formulation at the home page, public invitation of members
7月中旬Deadline for the public recruitment committee
7月下旬Holding the 1st formulation committee committee
AugustStarted survey work, starting working work in each district
February 2008Summary of workings, workings in each district
In MarchHosting urban development townspeople lectures (contents of previous work and future work)
~ DecemberSummary of proposed tourism promotion plan
FebruaryPublic comment plan formulation finished

Tourism Promotion Plan Formulation Committee

The committee is composed of eleven members including public recruitment committee and will conduct various discussions and investigations to formulate tourism promotion plans.

We are looking for members of the formulation committee

【Recruitment has ended】
The town is looking for people to work together on the Niseko Town Tourism Promotion Plan.
  • Applicants: Those who can live in the town and attend a meeting during the daytime (usually in the afternoon)
  • Number of recruitants: 2
  • Application deadline: Monday, July 17, 2007
  • Application, inquiry:Niseko Town Hall Commerce and Tourism Division

(Reference)Niseko Town Tourism Promotion Plan Development Committee Establishment Guidelines

Article 1 The purpose of this outline is to establish a Niseko Town Tourism Promotion Plan Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as “Committee”) and to formulate a Niseko Town Tourism Promotion Plan.

(Items to be covered)
Article 2 The affairs under the jurisdiction of the Committee shall be as follows.
(1) About matters related to basic research.
(2) Matters concerning the drafting of tourism promotion plan draft.
(3) Matters concerning draft implementation plan.
(4) Other things concerning items necessary for formulating a tourism promotion plan.

Article 3 The committee shall be organized with eleven members.
2 The members shall be appointed by the town mayor from the persons listed in the following items.
(1) 6 people with insight in tourism
(2) Three people with insight in commerce
(3) Two people who responded to the public offering
3 If the number of persons who responded to the general public invitation in item 3 of the preceding paragraph is less than a constant, taking into consideration the gender and age composition, those who are nominated by the Mayor shall supplement the deficit constants.
(4) The committee shall be chaired by a chairperson and a vice chairman and shall be determined by mutual election of committee members.
(1) The chairperson shall represent the committee and will preside over the affairs.
(2) The Vice Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson and, in the event of an accident, the Chairperson shall represent his / her duties.
(5) The committee shall dissolve upon termination of affairs under the jurisdiction.

Article 4 The meeting shall be convened by the chairperson as necessary and the chairperson shall be the chairman.
2 The meeting can not be held until more than half of the members attend.
3 The resolution of the meeting shall be decided by a majority of attendance committee members, and in the case of equal number of votes, it shall be decided by the chairman.

Article 5 The Secretariat of the Review Committee shall be placed in the Commerce and Tourism Division Commerce and Tourism Division.

Article 6 In addition to what is prescribed in this summary, the chairperson separately specifies necessary matters concerning the operation of the committee.

Supplementary provision
This instruction shall come into effect as from the date of promulgation.

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