On recruitment of farmland applicants who want to borrow farmland

In December 2013, the Law on Promotion of Intermediate Management Project on Agricultural Land was promulgated, the "Agricultural Land Intermediate Management Organization" borrowed farmland from detached farmers and scaled down farmers, so that the farmers could use the agricultural land in a collective manner The "agricultural intermediary management project" system was established which lends consideration to the agricultural land.

We are pleased to announce that the Hokkaido agricultural public corporation designated as the Agricultural Land Interim Management Organization has begun recruiting second applicant for farmland in FY2003.

1 Target city for recruiting applicants for municipalities

Niseko Town(Niseko area)

2 Period of recruitment of applicants for borrowing

September 1 (Sat) - September 30 (Sun) of Heisei 30 (Sunday post marking valid for mailing)

3 Application method

If you wish to borrow farmland, apply for the “Application Form for Borrowing Farmland” to the Niseko Town Hall Agricultural Administration Division or the Hokkaido Agricultural Corporation Nibuchi Branch by mail or bring it within the application period.

4 About the publication of applicants for borrowing

We will publish the name etc. of the applicant who applied for 14 days on the homepage of Hokkaido agriculture corporation within 20 days after the end of the recruitment period.


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