It recruits " Niseko Town waste measures Exploratory Committee" members

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Niseko Town, we have established a Waste Countermeasures Investigation Committee in order to hear opinions and investigate / consider the weight reduction and proper disposal of garbage in the town. We will examine the reduction of garbage, efficient collection and transportation work, separate discharge, proper disposal, progress of general waste treatment plan, etc. for the entire town.
This time, we are openly recruiting townspeople who can participate as members of the Exploratory Committee. We look forward to your application.

Number of activities / several times a year
Term / 2 years
Application requirements / Citizens over the age of 18 are eligible (excluding parliamentarians and government officials)
Number of applicants / 2 people
In the case of a large number of applications, we will select based on the age structure etc.
Application period / Until June 22 (Monday)
How to apply / Please fill in the application form and apply at the counter, fax or email.
* Application forms will also be given at the Townsman Life Section

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